Awake, Arise, Aware!!

Welcome to the rise of new India!!



In highest gratitude of people who moved this country from darkness to light, further kept hope and love alive in the   crores and crores of veins in our blood,

In highest remembrance of people who exhibited humanity, harmony and service in their path, instill the confidence in trembling lives,

In name of unsung heroes, who gave   love and peace to life, environment around them, and made this country as a better place for future generations!!

We salute, along with your patronage and we do our part now!

We believe that awareness is like a light, when we spread it; it eradicates the disorders in the self, society and the country!!

With this line of thought, we keep igniting our 1000cc (creative and confident) ideas to make our country a better place to live,

Again, In the name of all responsible Indians, let’s join hands to bring light in our lives!!

With Love,

Lets make it a better place!!

Lets make it a better place!!


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One Response to “Awake, Arise, Aware!!”

  1. indiaredefined Says:

    When an egg breaks by a power outside, life ends. But when it breaks by a power inside, life begins. Let us begin with the power within and have a momentous year.

    Let us make India a Happy place by joining India Redefined

    In Women Leaders in India’ conference, “India Redefined” the movement I started in April 2009 got award for ,’The Best Humanitarian Initiative of the Year 2009′ . I was also a speaker in this conference. My presentation was about ‘Indian Woman Philanthropy’ and “India Redefined” (

    India Redefined is not a political movement but we are open to work with all political parties, NGOs, Corporates. Basic idea is to ignite Indians to be awared of their Responsibilities (and Rights). And perform some actions which I have already planned. I am trying to form different chapters of India Redefined, in different cities with Chapter Coordinators. If you want to suggest your name or anyone elses names for Chapter coordinator, then please send me a mail regarding that. Have made a PPT of” I Care” project . Chapter coordinators are supposed to find 20 committed people in each city to form the team and anyone who is the Chapter Coordinator, has to target a large number of people (more youngsters, but anyone) to perform those 8 activities in next 6-12 months. I am not claiming myself to be “know-all” person. We all will learn from mistakes. Any suggessions are most welcome.Many people have already suggested their names for Chapter coordinators and sent their profile. All these are voluntary works. Chapter coordinators will be those people who have the drive to be public figures by setting an example to general public by their selflessness and commitment. That is the only way to make everyone participate.

    I would like to share with you my presentation and transcript of my speech given at this conference. In this I talk about Philanthropy and my life, and what made me start this initiative. I have also mentioned our future plans. My award acceptance speech also I will like to share with every Indian. Once I get your email that you want me to send these to you, then only I will send. You can forward them to those who are interested in taking India Redefined forward. I will really appreciate if you go through these and give me your feedback and thoughts about “India Redefined”. I will be glad to explain you any points in detail and seek your involvement in the movement. I have also spoken briefly about ‘I Care” project in the presentation. Kindly give your inputs on this. Within a week, I will send you a presentation of “I Care” project, so that it will be easier for you to understand how we are going forward. Attached are the photographs of both the awards I got this year.

    “India Redefined” cannot be a success without active participation by all of us and I urge you to be a part of this movement and help me in taking this movement forward. Support in terms of participation and time, funds (particularly corporate & institutional funding) and even just making others aware about it is most welcome. People with access to media and news channels can contribute by spreading the word through these mediums to reach more and more people.

    I wish you a happy and prosperous New year and many more successes in 2010. Also

    1.Let the globe be cooled.

    2. Let the agriculture flourish, food materials be distributed evenly across the globe and eradicate starvation.

    3. Let all the rivers of India be nationalized and connected.

    4. Let there be National waterways.

    5. Let the trees be conserved

    6. Let tigers and other rare members of the animal kingdom get population increase.

    7. Let terrorism subside and Peace be established all over especially in Srilanka.

    8. Let the globe be free from natural calamities and disasters.

    9. Let the global economy become stable.

    10. Let the gap between rich and poor become narrow.

    11.Let us SPARE A THOUGHT FOR INDIA! Donate our time for India ,Join India Redefined and change the country into something which we will be proud to hand over to their children tomorrow

    Ranjana Kanti

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