Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshitha:

If we save our dharma, we are in turn protected by our dharma… This line applies to whole humanity irrespective of country, religious beliefts.

As we need to do our dharma(  practice of principles ), Environment around us watch, observe, follow, So, As others follow principles, we are protected.

It can start from house hold chores, we share home responsibilities as we start our day, our family members tend to support, our kids tend to learn and practice the principles what we have embedded in culture.

As Gandhi also said, People watch, laugh and they realize to follow… with our persistence and persevearance of practicing principles. Its nature of unmatured individual to go away from this line, have some wins and drastic repression… ultimately if they want peace in their mind, they have to come to path of Dharma…

Any issue on this earth is solved by practice of right priniciple, In these times, Its unfortunate that we dont have leaders to show us right path(s). We dont have courage to follow the right path, as people tend to distract that we will loose the speed of the growth…or failures or odds!!

Either it is water scarcity, or traffic issues, or terrorism… we forgot to protect our dharma, like we dont care about the water leaks in our home itself or around the environment, we dont follow traffic rules, we dont take care of under previleged as they need our support for their education, livelihood, we exploit our environment as much as possible, but wont have time to plant a tree or save it!!

Whatever degree of following of principles will  lead to that much level of clarity and purity in the society…that clarity in turn protecting us, will continue to protect us…

so, Immediate attention to practice of dharma of saving water and bringing awareness around us will eventually solve the issue,

With Love,
Inspired Indians


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