Most of the Indian IT individuals prefer Cabs to avoid the traffic hassles. but how safe are we in the cabs?

I heard the news of IT individuals run into accidents due to rash driving by the cab drivers. The point is not to focus on cab drivers, but a rash driver. Most of the rash cab drivers either do not follow traffic rules for e.g. overtaking on Left, changing lanes without signals, not keeping distance with high speed, high beam lights, wavy nature of driving.

Administration of the companies should mointor that the cabs have proper head lights, vehicle has gone under regular maintainance and pollution check by the contractors.

Also, clear mentioning of “How am I driving?” stickers with phone number to make sure that any rash driving would be informed to authorities.

I know one of the colleague who dont let the Cab driver to go more than 60Km/hr especially in night… Nice tab on the safety,as we all realize each cab carries highly valuable IT individual life – Present and at the same time future of our IT business.

Guys, dont let cab drivers go mad or egoistic on the roads and you can gently warn them as they might be good friends of you by now!

Individuals also should not rush the driver for speedy rides, which could be dangerous to all.

Lets have safe roads, a bright future ahead!!



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