Change India? Change Young Minds!

Its pathetic scene of a family who is spending hard earned money at getting professional degrees and still not seen growth, and severly depending on others to survive and not self sustained.

Is that sound similar to a neighbourhood family or ourselves in the mirror?

The same with my beloved country too!!

Country spend lakhs of subsidized money on a certain technology professional like Mechanical, Eletrical, Electrionics, after getting a degree he is going to learn some crash course of basic IT tool and stand in the lines of Hitech city for white collar clerical jobs…

Country should get it returns back by putting knowledge into innovation and enterpernurship by the young professionals. The one of the point of View is Young minds, though they are spirited by thoughts of innovation, they are scared of risks in life!
There are risks in the life as and when you come out of the comfort zones, they need right motivation to go chase the dreams rather than living a medicore life…
Our Course Curriculum or Extran Curriculum or environment are not focusing on that…..
As part of this initiative, We have plans to conduct some inspirative sessions – How to Chase Dreams and achieve Success – especially targeted to Degree and engineering professional colleges to make them understand how important to live a life by going after dreams, and build the nation!!


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3 Responses to “Change India? Change Young Minds!”

  1. Ravi Menon Says:

    Yes, that is the pathetic state of our affairs… If anyone can contribute to change the situation it is worth saluting!!

  2. kova Says:

    Well Said….

    We need to change our mind sets and get out of the fear factor.

  3. B Says:

    Hi Phani,

    I like the way you put it, Awake and Arise like Vivekananda did. Good movement.

    I run a blog towards the same Awake Arise and Evolve. The world is up of a new consciousness leap for making the world a better place.

    Let me know anyway I can help you.


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