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Search where you lost it!!

February 12, 2009

Youngsters have tough time to earn value out of their education, as mushroomed  colleges without having fundamental facilities to learn except the flexibility of bunking the classes…

On the other hand, Recruitment Agencies, or Company heads have tough time to find talented resumes…

Both have been searching in market for the talent and opportunities, but both needs to search where they lost it !!

By the way, recruitment agencies which has no bearing to company productivity or individual talent cashing the era with false confidence to companies and false assurance to the candidates!!

We got the outsourcing opportunities, due to the smart and effective people who worked hard to create the impression about indian crowd, tilted world towards india for outsourcing.

Currently We are talent and cost-effective, but this combination only works once we keep our talent at increasing and keep the cost effective.

But because of farse professional colleges, and great business bidders, the cost is going low but talent is worsening… 

Do you only buy product just because its cheap in the market?????????

Same way, international market also will not tolerate any further cheap products or talent from India… We will (not may) definitely loose the bid to our competitioners like China…

Imagine, If we lost this industry breeding, we will be ruled by own pawn brokers, not by happy customer serviced banks!!!

Its the time to wake up and investigate where are we loosing our credibility……

To my all young- to be professional folks, You Please learn while you are in the college and bring out the best in you!!

So, The goal setting should be done not at the end of the 5th semister, at the fresher’s party!!!

Recruitment agencies also should run College top ratings based on the faculty expertise, classes attendance percentage, environmental facilities…etc etc… If this awareness is brought among young folks, to be aware their responsibilities and right to learn while in College itself, that would make better percentage of effective individuals out from our institutions to industries rather than stuck up at Ameerpet CrossRoads!!

Hope that makes sense!!

— Inspired Indians