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Awake, Arise, Aware!!

January 30, 2009

Welcome to the rise of new India!!



In highest gratitude of people who moved this country from darkness to light, further kept hope and love alive in the   crores and crores of veins in our blood,

In highest remembrance of people who exhibited humanity, harmony and service in their path, instill the confidence in trembling lives,

In name of unsung heroes, who gave   love and peace to life, environment around them, and made this country as a better place for future generations!!

We salute, along with your patronage and we do our part now!

We believe that awareness is like a light, when we spread it; it eradicates the disorders in the self, society and the country!!

With this line of thought, we keep igniting our 1000cc (creative and confident) ideas to make our country a better place to live,

Again, In the name of all responsible Indians, let’s join hands to bring light in our lives!!

With Love,

Lets make it a better place!!

Lets make it a better place!!